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Yelburga climate adaptation project with VRC™ support

Horticultural intervention in Southwest India to enable local farmers to adapt to climate change.

The Project is to be jointly executed by Samuha, an Indian NGO, and The Higher Ground Foundation.  The Project aims to reduce vulnerability in the south-western India state of Karnataka by implementing a horticultural intervention that enables farmers to better adapt to the result of climate change – mainly, more frequent crop failures owing to drought. Aside from physical intervention activities, the Project will incorporate the VRC concept in its design and monitoring process in to demonstrate the VRC mechanism from registration to final issuance and its effectiveness as a means of unlocking finance for climate adaptation. The Project will also employ the best available climate downscaling outputs and aims to establish, through data and experiences gained in the Project, robust climate vulnerability reduction metrics that can be applied to support project planning, monitoring and evaluating activities in a wide range of circumstances.

Higher Ground is currently seeking funding for The Yelburga VRC Project.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Call for Projects

Request for Project Concept Notes

Higher Ground is interested in identifying a small number of projects with committed champions that will serve as the pioneers in testing the VRC™ market scheme. These projects will benefit from support by Higher Ground in defining project level baselines, monitoring systems, and securing project sponsors interested in securing VRCs™. If the projects are registered through Higher Ground they will qualify to generate and sell VRCs™.

Interested parties are invited to review the attached Request for Project Concept Notes. If you feel your project may be good candidate, please submit a project concept note to If you are unsure if your project would be a good candidate, look at the project examples and review the discussion paper or contact us via email with questions or comments.

The Project Concept Notes are an opportunity for project proponents to begin the process of communicating their project to Higher Ground. Those projects that look like they have potential to be good candidates for vulnerability reduction credits will be contacted to develop a dialogue and further assess their applicability as the Higher Ground pioneers.